R2H-4 Three Wheel Guardman Roller

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  • 83"
  • 30,955 lbs
  • 73 HP Kubota

The SAKAI R2H-4G asphalt roller delivers unmatched performance on paving projects, combining exceptional compaction with innovative safety features. This three-wheel static compactor boasts an industry-leading high PLI static pressure, ensuring optimal compaction. This translates to superior smoothness and density in the asphalt mat, a critical factor for earning IRI ride quality bonus money and for long-lasting pavements.

The R2H-4G doesn’t compromise safety for performance. Equipped with the advanced Guardman rear collision mitigation safety system, the roller utilizes 3D LiDAR technology to create a real-time awareness zone. This sophisticated technology accurately detects personnel or objects in the path of the machine, automatically slowing or stopping the machine to prevent potential accidents.

By combining high static pressure for exceptional compaction with the Guardman system’s focus on jobsite safety, the SAKAI R2H-4 Guardman is the ideal choice for paving contractors seeking both efficiency and a secure work environment. Protect your workers and your other equipment while ensuring the highest quality asphalt finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • High 355 pli static roller
  • Final Tier 4 Kubota engine
  • Leaves super smooth finished asphalt surface
  • Uniform force across 83″ width
  • Chamfered drum edges
  • Heavy-duty center hitch design
  • Great side and curb clearance
  • Triple-filtered spray system
  • Front and rear lights
  • Dual operator seats
  • Standard safety features: Guardman PLUS: ROPS, retractable seat belts, mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, hazard light switch, horn, backup alarm, electric parking brake w/ interlock, & foot brake



Front Drum Size (2) WxD 22X64 ins | 550X1620 mm
Rear Drum Size (1) WxD 43X64 ins | 1100X1620 mm
Weight 31,045 lbs | 14,080 kg
Total Rolling width 83 ins | 2100 mm
Static Linear Pressure 355 pli | 625 N/cm
Make & Model Kubota (Tier 4 Final) V3307-CR
Horsepower 73 Hp @ 2200 rpm | 54.6 kW @ 2200 min-1
Systems Hydrostatic Service Brake + SAHR Parking Brake + Combined Footbrake
+ Guardman
Diesel Fuel Capacity 26.4 gal | 100 lit
Water Tank Capacity 179.6 gal | 680 lit



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