Historical photo of Sakai founder Kinnosuke Sakai in his locomotive factory in Japan, 1918.

1918Company founded by Kinnosuke Sakai with the aim of parts manufacturing for automobiles and steam locomotives.

Historical photo of the first Sakai road rollers built outside the factory in Japan in 1929.

1929Launched Japan’s first internal combustion engine road roller.

A Sakai road roller is lowered by crane from a shipping vessel in Thailand in 1935.

1935Global expansion began with the first exports to Thailand.

1956Began manufacturing vibratory rollers (SR1 model).

Historical photo of the first 3 wheel macadam asphalt roller from Sakai: the R1.

1968The innovative R1 three-wheel static roller debuted; ancestor to today’s R2 line.

Map of Indonesia islands showing Jakarta pinpoint with grey land and black ocean colors.

1970 – Joint venture, P.T. SAKAI SAKTI, was established in Jakarta, Indonesia to assemble and repair road rollers.

Map of US with a star over Delaware which is where Sakai America was first established in 1976.

1976Sakai America, Inc. established in Delaware, USA for the purpose of importing/exporting and selling Sakai equipment.

Sign monument outside the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan.

1981Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This index, established just after WWII, is reserved for large main-market companies.

Ichiro Sakai, president of Sakai Heavy Industries.

1995lchiro Sakai, grandson of founder Kinnosuke Sakai, promoted to President. Establishment of PT. SAKAI INDONESIA. Manufacturing begins in Bekasi, Indonesia.

Sakai EVO carbon neutral electric asphalt roller series logo.

1999Development of carbon-neutral electric asphalt roller technology began…well before the topic gained importance globally.

Historical aerial photo of Sakai America manufacturing plant in Adairsville, Georgia, USA.

2000U.S. manufacturing began in Adairsville, Georgia. The first production compactor built here is still running on local construction job sites today and still owned by the original purchasing contractor.

Historical photo of the Sakai Heavy Industries Shanghai China factory.

2003Manufacturing expands to Shanghai, China with the establishment of SAKAI INDUSTRIES (SHANGHAI), LTD.

GW750, the first generation of the Sakai vibratory pneumatic tire asphalt roller.

2004World’s first vibratory pneumatic tired roller (GW750) developed; predecessor to today’s GW754…still the world’s only such machine.

Special 100th anniversary logo of Sakai to celebrate 1918 to 2018.

2018Celebrated 100 year anniversary since the company’s founding in 1918.

Historical aerial photo if the PT Sakai Satki Jakarta Indonesia factory in 1970.

2019Established a new factory in Indonesia to expand global business.