SW654B Split Drum Asphalt Roller

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  • 58"
  • 17,570 lbs
  • 73 HP Kubota

The SAKAI SW654B asphalt roller is a versatile option for contractors working on paving projects of all sizes. This model incorporates a split drum design, a technology that enhances compaction results on curved sections of road and with specific asphalt mixes.

A split drum consists of two halves on each drum that operate independently. This allows the outer half to spin faster than the inner half while making turns. This eliminates the dragging or pushing of asphalt that can occur with traditional double drum rollers, which can lead to cracking. This improved handling is particularly beneficial for those working on winding roads or with delicate asphalt mixes.

By minimizing material disruption and achieving uniform compaction throughout the asphalt surface, the SW654B contributes to the creation of long-lasting, smooth pavements. This translates to reduced maintenance needs and a potentially higher return on investment for contractors.

Features & Benefits:

  • All vibration controls at instrument panel
  • Chamfered drum edges
  • Excellent drum edge visibility
  • Heavy duty center hitch design
  • Superior shock isolation systems
  • Independent drum vibration
  • Great side and curb clearance
  • Multi-filtered spray system
  • Dual drum hydrostatic drive
  • Front and rear lights
  • Sliding and adjustable seat
  • Standard safety equipment: ROPS, adjustable seat belt, mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, horn, backup alarm, electric parking brake w/ interlock, & foot brake



DRUM (Rear Split Drum)
Size (w x d) 58 X 42 ins | 1480 X 1070 mm
Weight 17,570 lbs | 7,970 kg
Frequency 3,000-4000 vpm | 50-66.7 Hz
Centrifugal Force 13,715-15,060 lbs | 61-67 kN
Nominal Amplitude 0.008″/0.015″ | 0.20/0.39 mm
Make & Model Kubota V3307 T4 Final
Horsepower 73 Hp | 54.6 kW @ 2200 rpm
Systems Hydrostatic Drive System Service Brake + SAHR Parking Brake + Combined Foot brake
Diesel Fuel Capacity 31.7 gal | 120 lit
Water Tank Capacity 2x 79.3 gal | 2x 300 lit



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