SW504G Guardman Asphalt Roller

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  • 51"
  • 8,955 lbs
  • 43 HP Kubota

The SAKAI SW504G 4.5 ton double drum 51″ asphalt roller delivers exceptional performance on paving projects while prioritizing operator safety and minimizing equipment downtime. Equipped with the innovative integrated Guardman® auto brake assist system, the SW504G utilizes millimeter wave technology to detect personnel or objects behind the roller. This advanced system automatically slows or stops the compactor in the event of an imminent collision, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and potential injuries on the job site. The detection capability even works through common dust and steam on the asphalt mat as well as during night paving.

By incorporating Guardman technology, the SW504G fosters a safer working environment for paving crews and those in the surrounding area. Additionally, the system can help to prevent costly equipment damage caused by accidental collisions. With its focus on safety and efficiency, the Sakai SW504G with Guardman automatic emergency braking tech is the ideal choice for paving contractors seeking a reliable and safety-conscious solution for their asphalt paving projects.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3,300 VPM
  • Counter-rotating eccentric weights
  • All vibration controls at instrument panel
  • Chamfered drum edges
  • Excellent drum edge visibility
  • Heavy-duty center hitch design
  • Durable rubber isolator system for vibratory drums
  • Independent drum vibration
  • Great side and curb clearance
  • Triple-filtered spray system
  • Dual drum hydrostatic drive
  • Front lights and rear work light come standard
  • Standard safety features: Guardman PLUS foldable ROPS, adjustable seat belt, mirrors, turn signals, brake lights, horn, backup alarm, electric parking brake w/ interlock, & foot brake

Specifications – SW504

Size (w x d) 51″ x 31″ | 1,300 X 800 mm
Weight 9,020 lbs | 4,090 kg
VIBRATION (Front Drum)
Frequency 3,300 vpm | 55 Hz
Centrifugal Force (L / H) 5,955 / 7,710 lbs | 26.5 / 34.3 kN
Nominal Amplitude (L / H) .011″ / .014″ | .27 / .35 mm
Make & Model Kubota (Final Tier 4) D1803
Horsepower 43 Hp | 13.3 kW @2,400 rpm
Systems Hydrostatic Service Brake + SAHR Parking Brake + Combined Footbrake
+ Guardman
Diesel Fuel Capacity 13.2 gal | 50 lit
Water Tank Capacity 81.9 gal | 310 lit




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