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Conquer nighttime asphalt paving challenges with the optional LED lighting upgrade for the SW884 and SW994 highway class double drum asphalt rollers. All four standard deck-mounted light assemblies are upgraded from the standard 860 lumen units with 60 degree beam angles to ultra-bright 5100 lumen units with 200 degree beam angles.

  • Enhanced Night Visibility: Powerful LED lights with broader range improve work area illumination, allowing for effective mat monitoring during low-light conditions frequently encountered in night paving operations.
  • Potential for Extended Paving Windows: Improved nighttime visibility might allow for extended paving hours, depending on your specific project needs.
  • Prioritize Safety: Brighter worksite lighting enhances visibility for the operator and surrounding crew, promoting a safer nighttime paving environment.
  • Built to Last: The LED lighting kit is durably constructed to withstand the demanding vibrations of the SW884 and SW994 series asphalt rollers.

Considering nighttime asphalt paving? The optional LED lighting upgrade can be a valuable asset, enhancing visibility, potentially extending paving windows, and prioritizing safety on your next project.

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