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Optimize fuel efficiency and engine longevity with the optional Idle Shutdown system for your SAKAI asphalt roller or soil compactor. This feature can be programmed into the engine computer (upon request only) to automatically shut down the diesel engine after a 5 minute period of inactivity. An amber warning lamp on the operator’s dash illuminates 1 minute before Idle Shutdown engages, allowing ample time to resume operation.

Here’s how Idle Shutdown benefits your operation:

  • Reduced Fuel Costs: Eliminate wasted fuel during idle periods. Idle Shutdown helps you save money on operating expenses.
  • Extended Engine Life: By minimizing idling time, Idle Shutdown reduces engine wear and tear, potentially leading to a longer lifespan for your machine.
  • Reduced Emissions: By automatically shutting down during idle periods, Idle Shutdown helps to minimize air pollution, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint and a cleaner environment.

*Note: available only on Cummins powered models (SW884, SW994, SV414, SV544).