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SAKAI is the only OEM with a factory-offered smooth shell kit (smooth over padfoot / sheepsfoot drum). This is the industry-preferred combination compared to pad foot over smooth because our smooth shells fasten between the pads and bolt to the drum so that the shell will not migrate side-to-side during vibration (when compared to a padfoot shell where the halves are not bolted to the underlying drum). Our shells kits are easier to install than the aftermarket solutions used for other manufacturers compactors: taking on average less than 2 hours to fit or unfit. Lifting hooks are welded to the inside of each shell half.

Smooth shell kits can be ordered factory-installed (noted as machine models ending with the “F” suffix such as SV204TF) OR ordered later through SAKAI parts. Padfoot or sheepsfoot shell (over smooth drum) kits are also available.

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