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Upgrade your nighttime asphalt paving operations with optional high-intensity LED work lights available for SAKAI GW754 vibratory pneumatic tire rollers. Increase visibility and illuminate the entire paving mat for optimal precision and safety during night paving projects.

Here’s what makes Sakai’s LED work lights the perfect solution for night paving:

Enhanced Visibility: A strategically positioned set of 4 powerful LED work lights mounted on the front and rear of the ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) bathe the asphalt paving jobsite in a bright, clear light. This superior illumination ensures the roller operator has a clear view of the entire paving mat, even in low-light conditions.

Night Paving Efficiency: Don’t let darkness slow you down. With Sakai’s LED work lights, you can extend your paving window and maximize productivity, allowing your crew to work through the night seamlessly.

Operator Convenience: Effortlessly control the LED work lights with a dedicated push-button switch conveniently added to the operator’s console. This allows for quick and easy on/off activation without interrupting paving operations.

Built for Durability: As you’d expect from a leading asphalt compaction equipment manufacturer like SAKAI, these heavy-duty LED work lights and their brackets are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of a paving jobsite. They can endure the constant vibrations of the asphalt compactor without issue, ensuring reliable performance night after night.

Invest in SAKAI’s optional LED work lights and experience the benefits of efficient and safe night paving operations.

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