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The SAKAI GW754 Vibratory Pneumatic Tire Roller offers an optional Skirt Kit designed to minimize asphalt pickup by the tires and enhance overall machine performance. This optional factory-installed kit includes 4 grommeted skirts and mounting brackets with hooks for the front and rear of the machine. Simply hang the skirts on the hooks on the job site and then lift them off before transport.

Skirts Combat Asphalt Pickup, Especially in Challenging Conditions:

Asphalt pickup occurs when the temperature difference between the cooler tires and the hot asphalt mix is significant. This can be a particular challenge in:

  • Cold Climates: When ambient temperatures are low, tires take longer to warm up and maintain heat.
  • Windy Conditions: Wind can further cool the tires, exacerbating the temperature difference with the hot asphalt.

Skirts help mitigate these challenges by:

  • Trapping Heat: They create a barrier that retains heat radiating from the asphalt mat, warming the tires and reducing the temperature difference.
  • Minimizing Heat Loss: Skirts shield the tires from wind, helping them maintain consistent heat throughout operation.

By reducing asphalt pickup, the GW754 Skirt Kit offers several benefits:

  • Improved Asphalt Mat Quality: Less asphalt clinging to the tires means a cleaner, smoother paving surface with fewer imperfections.
  • Reduced Cleaning Needs: Less asphalt buildup translates to less time and effort spent cleaning the tires and fenders of your GW754 roller.
  • Prevent Costly Rework: Improper tire temperatures tires can ruin a paving job and require milling and repaving.

Equip your GW754 Vibratory Pneumatic Tire Roller with the optional Skirt Kit and experience the advantages of minimized asphalt pickup, improved paving quality, and increased efficiency.

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