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The telematics system for compatible SAKAI Asphalt Rollers and Soil Compactors (powered by Track Unit) equips you with the information you need to maximize machine performance and streamline your compaction operations. Telematics come standard on most* SAKAI models.

Benefits of SAKAI telematics:

  • GPS Location Tracking: Always know where your compactor is located, simplifying fleet management, dispatching the closest machine to a new job, and deterring theft.
  • Remote Machine Health Monitoring: Track Unit provides real-time insights into critical machine functions like engine performance, hydraulics, and fluid levels. This allows you to:
    • Identify potential issues early before they snowball into costly repairs or downtime.
    • Schedule preventive maintenance at optimal intervals, extending machine life and reducing operating costs.
  • Remote Fault Code Diagnostics: Receive instant notification and analysis of fault codes triggered by your machine. This enables you to:
    • Diagnose problems remotely, potentially saving time and service call expenses.
    • Dispatch a technician with the right tools and parts for a quicker repair, minimizing downtime.

Telematics for SAKAI rollers empowers you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your compaction operations, maximize uptime, and get the most out of your SAKAI asphalt rollers and soil compactors.

*Note: telematics are not available on SW354, SW354W, TW354, and TW504 models due to the mechanical diesel engine with no ECM.

**Note: telematics for the SV204 series are optional and provide GPS location only.