SAKAI customer Richard (Rick) Crocker of Preferred Materials Asphalt Division Tampa (a CRH company) was interviewed by editor Sandy Lender of Asphalt Pro magazine at our booth during ConExpo 2023. The interview has just been published and it is a great read on how Preferred Materials achieved the best IRI (measurement of smoothness / ride quality) in Florida state history and took home a National Asphalt Pavement Association award for it. The article notes the SAKAI asphalt rollers with double drum oscillation that were used on the job as well as our unique GW series vibratory pneumatic tire rollers:

“I like the capabilities of both drums being able to oscillate,” Crocker said. “Very seldom do we oscillate with only one drum. 99% of the time, we are oscillating with both drums. We do use the vibration on the 750 pneumatics, too. That’s usually on a #3 or #4 setting, whether we’re putting out a poly mix or not, we use them. And, again, that’s training roller operators and setting expectations and knowing what to do.”

It is a great read on how they achieved it with great teams, skilled operators, and other factors…not just the role of SAKAI asphalt rollers.

The article also describes and shows our unique asphalt slab display from ConExpo which compared 3 different test slabs we cut in Japan: one with SAKAI double oscillation, one with SAKAI double vibration, and the last is a competitor single drum oscillation/vibration.

Read the full article on the Asphalt Pro Magazine website.