Soil Compaction

Find our best practices for soil compaction here.

Soil compactor drums come in three basic types – smooth, padfoot and padfoot with shell kit.

    • The smooth drums (i.e., SV201D, SV412D, SV540D, SV640D) are generally the choice for compaction of rock, gravel, sand, semi-cohesive soils and everything in between.

    • Cohesive silts and clays typically need more force to move and compact. The padfoot drum (i.e., SV201T, SV412T, SV540T, SV640T) effectively penetrate these difficult materials, increasing the compaction forces per square inch, enabling density to be achieved.

    • The combi drum (TF models, SV201TF, SV412TF, SV540TF, SV540DF) is­ most effective when there are varieties of soil types, it enables the combination of a padfoot drum for cohesive soils (without shell) and a bolt-on smooth shell for non-cohesive materials. The smooth bolt on shell kit is a two panel set that bolts to the inner drum, preventing shell warping and retaining torque as a result of slightly increasing the overall diameter of shell and drum combined.

    • To reduce the cost of backfilling and other light-duty dozer applications, Sakai offers an optional strike-off blade (TB models, SV210TB, SV412TB, SV540TB), available on all soil models.