“Right now we’re using our SV510TF to compact up to 12” lifts of clay on a big church parking lot job in Bowling Green. Density spec is 95% and we’re making that in just two passes. We own this machine because it’s a good piece of equipment. It’s easy to operate and fuel economy with this Isuzu engine is great.
Carroll Haynes, Foreman with Holland, Inc. of Rockfield, KY
  “Before we bought the Sakai rollers, our course mixes were really difficult. We’ve gone to 4000 vpm and high amplitude settings. That seems to be working well for us and we have earned some bonuses.””We used our new Sakai SW850 as the lead roller to help set a one-day company record of paving approximately 2700 tons of P401.”
Don Conner, Jr. of J.W. Conner & Sons, Inc. of Tampa
  “Great machines! The versatility provided by the water ballast system allows us to use the same roller on state highway projects, new subdivision development and even parking lot applications. Density problems are virtually a thing of the past.”
Bob Wood of Albuquerque Asphalt
  “We keep meticulous repair records on the equipment. We’ve owned the four machines for four years and our total repair cost is $28 for replacing four belts. The way the machines are designed, all the vibration is directed into the ground and not back through the frame, which contributes to machine longevity. The diesel engines fire every time. The overbuilt design leads to low maintenance costs. I’m tickled to death with the machines.”
Steve Cosper, President of Granite
  “The SV510T does a faster and better job and produces a better finish on ash. The blade saves us wear and tear on other equipment. We’ve had one of the machines specially modified for this application and Sakai gave us excellent service, too.”
Don Brabham, Team Leader
  “I’ve never gotten consistent density on the coarse SuperPave until we got the SW850s.”
Paving Foreman Mark Pelon